Chasing Whirlpools

The Gulf of Corryvrecken is a narrow channel between the isles of Jura and Scarba. Strong Atlantic currents and unusual underwater topography conspire to produce a particularly intense tidal race in the Corryvreckan channel. As the flood tide enters the narrow area between the two islands it speeds up 10 mph and meets a variety of seabed features including a deep hole and a rising pinnacle. These features combine to create whirlpools, standing waves and a variety of other surface effects.

Digital Triangle Creative were working alongside Nicholas Hamilton, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NYC, to capture the raw beauty of these natural phenomenons from the air using our fleet of drones. The footage will for part of an upcoming art installation charting the life of George Orwell as he lived on the Isle of Jura whilst he wrote his hugely popular book, 1984.